Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Performance figures for Yamaha R15

According to Bike India magazine, here are the acceleration and top speed figures for the Yamaha R15

0-20km/h: 1.15s
0-40km/h: 2.90s
0-60km/h: 5.12s
0-80km/h: 8.56s
0-100km/h: 14.17s

Top Speed: 130.2km/h (speedo - 139km/h)
0-400m: 18.95s@113.23km/h

This means that the Yamaha R15 is just a tad slower than the Karizma (0-60 in 4.7s) and the Pulsar 220 (0-60km/h in 4.8s). But the difference doesnt increase by the time the R15 gets too 100km/h.
The Karizma reaches 100km/h in 14.05sec and the Pulsar 220 in 13odd secs. The R15 takes just 14.17s

It might not beat the Pulsar 220 and Karizma, but for a 150cc bike, these figures are mindblowing!

On the Top Speed stakes though, the R15 with the sixth gear beats both Karizma and Pulsar 220 with a better top speed of 130.2km/h (true), with the speedometer showing 139km/h. A run-in bike should be doing 140km/h on the speedo i guesss


Vivek Singh said...

Hello, I am a Tech Specialist in a MNC in Noida and a great byke lover, I am riding since the age of 9 and I am 29 today.
I have completed 4000 Kms on R15 and using it since a month.
I totally agree that when I first made up my mind to go for it, I thought it must be a something more powerful (when it comes to pickup).
But I would really say that its far more better than any other Indian Bike in the market.
Having used both Karizma and Pulsar .
And I will like to share my outlook;
1. I have travelled straight from Lucknow to Delhi having only two stays in between thats about 550 kms of non stop riding at a speed of 75-80 on avg. (coz of its DIasil cylinder and Forged piston, cilinder has 20% silicon which keeps it cooler than rest of the bykes.)
I dont think any other Indian Byke can do that, it will burn out and the clutch plates will cease.

2. It has given me amileage of 45 km/lt on highways and 38-40 kms/lts in City.I n which I have operated it around to 135 km/hr at times.Which means Its best in its class.
2. It has an awesome grip on roads, its not important for a bike that it goes past 130-140 what is important its that how much safer it is to go to that speed. Toy can really feel safe at speeds of 120, the byke will not skid when applying brakes as that speed.
Some people say that it has narow tyres, they were specially made for R15, having soft rubber and different raddi, complete tubeless providing 3 times better grip that Pulsar and about 2 times better that Karizma in my view.
Before riding this I loved Karizma, coz it was better than Pulsar, but those two feel to be pieces of srap of primitive machines when comapred to R15.
Dont check the speed and pickup. Ride it above 120 km/hr you will forget about the price and comparisons.

Anonymous said...

Hey Vivek...I sold my R15 after a month of use and i think Karizma is far too better than the R15 i accept that the bike does not skid and is very safe on speeds like 120 but dont you think it takes its own silly time to rev to a speed of 120-130 and the tyres make it a lil difficult on short turns whereas the karizma takes it with ease am Glad i got back my is the bikers dream to Rev and roar on the streets instead of riding on a cat that has a makeover of a tiger( a cat is still a cat) said...

The R15 is not only about speed, its handling is superb.

Anonymous said...

hey ppl..!!!
i hav owned both zma &pulsar and these two machine is no match the almighty R15..!!!
R15 is derived 4m sport bikes...while zma&pulsars are derived 4m scramblers..!!!
a scrambler doesn't match a sport don compare R15 wit other bikes..!!!!
R15 gives u a different biking xperience,which no other Indian bike can..!!
if u wanna enjoy ridin get urself a R15, u will be a rider 4 rest of ur life n not a driver..!!!
ride safe..!!!

¨·°•§ũחמy•°·¨ said...

As above people have said, this doesn't take a long time to reach 60KPH, it took me just 4 secs,single rider!

Check this vid:
And to reach 115hph, it took me 400mts, single rider again.. more vids will be uploaded soon.

Anonymous said...

As compared to 150 cc bikes r15 is far good.but as compared to ZMA & P220 its not good enough in terms of bhp & pure acceleration. Even more ZMA is around for long time & in hill ststions(manali,shimla etc) after bullet Zma is the only Proven bike with highest torque (better than r15 & p220).Finally( unis bees ke phark se koi bike better ya bad nahi hoti).

Anonymous said...

Folks...its very impressive when ur 150cc(R15) bike gets compared to other 225cc(Karizma) n 220cc(Pulsar)...!!!

Jus no other comments...R15 Owners can feel dat...isn't it...???


Anonymous said...

@ Vivek Singh
my yam vixion (naked r15 with 5 speed) in indonesia used to travel along java with the distant km about 495 to 510 km, i did that 7 times, nonstop riding, stop only for
refuel, did 39 km/l, and average speed is 90 to 100 km/h, top speed about 130 km/h (118 on gps) now my odometer says 29818 km, i change the oil every 2 months, self repairing(clean air filter, change plug, etc), now, it's been 2 years running to 3 and the only matter is the battery started to leak, but overall my bike just indonesia endurance is preferred rather than awesome specs and technology being(that's the factory thought i guessed) ...u can see a lot 100 cc bike did the same thing i did....

harsha said...

hi.dude i tooo own an R15
it gives me immense pleasure to ride that....and i tell u .i am getting 47km millage per letter...